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How Can EE Resource Help You?

Contractors / Brokers

EE Resource offers its partners creative funding tools that present customers with a "no reason to say no" scenario. Increase your revenue and close more deals with EE Resource's rapid and streamlined funding tools.

Alliance EME Channel Partners

EE Resouce offers its partners solutions to help develop and close more energy efficiency projects. Increase both revenue and profit margins. Access exclusive tools and resources available only to EE Resource partners.

Vendors /

EE Resource can help increase your sales volume and get products to market faster with EER rapid streamline financing. Fund your customers' large equipment purchases in less than 2 weeks. Become an EE Resource partner today. It's a game-changer!

Property Owners / End Users

No capital or funding available for an important large purchase? No problem! EE Resource can place the entire purchase on your utility bill. EE Resouce partners also benefit from discounted rates from the nations leading manufactures. Fund almost any type of purchase from chillers, televisions, to light bulbs.

Who Choose is EE Resource?

Energy Efficiency "EE" Resource is comprised of industry experts in energy efficiency, construction, finance, and sales. EE Resource has identified the need to provide its partners with the much-needed capital to help close more deals or purchase critical equipment. No matter the situation or challenge, EE Resource has perfected a streamlined process for rapid funding approval and successful project completion. EE Resource funding partners have helped thousands of customers complete energy efficiency projects, purchase equipment, and save money. In most cases, without EE Resource, these projects would have never developed. Who is EE Resource? EE Resource is your partner to get things done!


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