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EE Resource delivers rapid, streamlined funding tools to help you close more deals. How many proposals have you submitted that were rejected due to unavailable capital? We're guessing this happens often. As an industry, don't be surprised that capital restraints account for over 90% of every project never reaching a contract. At EE Resource, we eliminate the obstacle of "capital outlet anxiety". Our funding options let the benefits of the proposal, your professionalism, and potential energy savings sell the project on its merits. Our goal at EE Resource is to increase your close rate by 25%, adding significant revenue and profit to your bottom line.

Close More Deals

EE Resource tools can make the difference between a project being accepted or denied.

Attractive Financing

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EE Resource tools often lead to additional projects and more profitable outcomes.

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Participating in EE Resource Referral Program provides additional revenue streams developed from your existing customer or contact list.

Energy Conservation (ECM) Projects

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EE Resource offers much more than creative project financing.

Access to Network of Industry Experts

Discount/Group Equipment Purchasing

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