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EE Resource can add 500% more revenue and 200% more profit to your bottom line. Do we have your attention? Become an EE Resource partner today!

When offering "EME" Efficiency Made Easy solutions for your customers, how many ECM measures below do you currently perform?

- Product/Equipment Only
- Lighting/Electrical
- Mechanical/HVAC
- Building Controls/BMS
- Solar/Renewables
- Water Conservation
- Refrigeration
- Building Envelope
- Distributed Generation

If you're currently offering only (1) one or maybe (2) measures, your LOSING potential revenue and profit.

EE Resource can "seamlessly" ADD (1) one or possibly (3) three additional measures to EVERY "EME" project.

It's as easy as 1,2,3!
1 - Partner with EE Resource.
2 - EE Resource will travel, survey, design, quote, install, and warranty all add-on measures for your customers.
3 - We do all the work, you make more money!

Most Important:
The project, customer, and commodity agreements all remain yours. EE Resource works for you, not your customer. We do all the work while you get all the credit.


- Add additional revenue and profit
- Zero added overhead or expenses
- EE Resource does all the work
- You continue normal business and relationships with your customers.
- EE Resource will travel anywhere in the USA free of charge to survey a potential project.
- EE Resource does all the work, you get all the credit.


EE Resource can help turn a $75,000 lighting only ECM project into a $375,000 whole-building energy-efficient retrofit. Prior to EE Resource that project would earn you an estimated profit of $12,500. As an EE Resource partner, that same project could earn you up to $24,500 in profit. That equals 500% more revenue and 200% more profit from the same customer with minimal effort. Want to learn how. Register to become an EE Resource Partner today.

EE Resource operates a proven model to increase your revenue and profit without adding additional project management, overhead, and costs. EE Resource provides a turnkey solution adding additional ECM measures ie: mechanical, BMS controls, water conservation, building envelope, etc to your existing offerings.

Learn more. Don't leave money on the table. Partner with EE Resource today.

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