Vendors & Manufacturers


Increase Sales. Sell More Product.
Provide a Total Solution for your Customers.

100% Financing, Installation, Expedited Payment

- Expedited approval, 100% product financing for your customers
- No Money Down. $0 Upfront Capital required to start or complete the project
- No Personal Guarantees
- No Loan Documents  (Off-Balance Sheet)
- No UCC Filings
- Expedited funding from $20,000 to $1,000,000
- Guaranteed Payment within 14 days of Invoice
- Expedited Application Process - same day with required information
- Access to ally EE Resource partners for installation and service
- Additional revenue from EE Resouce partner commissions

Be more competitive! Get more product to market by providing your customers with both 100% financing as well as an option for installation and service. Don't worry! This is not a traditional loan or lease. There are no personal guarantees or UCC filing. The entire cost of order and installation will be placed on the customer's utility bill and paid for over time between 24 to 72 months.

Become an EE Resource partner today.