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Don't spend valuable capital. EE Resource can assist in funding large purchases at discounted rates without upfront capital outlay. Don't worry, EE Resouce funding is not a traditional loan or lease. There are no personal guarantees required or UCC filings. Your entire purchase will be funded then paid through your utility bill over a period between 24 and 72 months.

EE Resource partners receive competitive discounted pricing from the leading vendors and manufacturers. Funding is available for all types of materials and equipment, including but not limited to mechanical equipment, lighting, boilers, generators, appliances, renewable energy equipment, etc.

Need a contractor or installer? As an EE Resource partner, you'll have access to an array of local ally contractors and installers at discounted rates to assist you with all your needs.

Exclusive Financing

No Personal Guarantee

No UCC Filing

No Traditional Loan Docs

Off-Balance Sheet Funding

Unlimited Funding Available

Become Energy Efficient

Reduce Operating Costs

Increase NOI

Increase Property Valve

Reduce Carbon Emissions

and More!